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Svalbard is visited by nature photographer coming from all over the world. This is easy to understand; Svalbard is a one of the most beautiful places in the world, featuring wilderness covered by ice and snow, beautiful flowers, breathtaking wildlife and the magnificent light.

isbre, svalbard The glacier of Liliehøøkbreen is quite a sight indeed. If you are a nature photographer approaching the glacier by zodiac, you will have as much challenges you are possible able to handle. July 18. 2008. Ref: F5R0695.

In the summertime it is essential to join one of the boat trips offered to tourists and photographers. The weather conditions vary quite a lot, as do the ice conditions which could prevent boats to pass. If you are lucky, you could have a "once in a lifetime experience", and thus be exposed to the well known "Polar fever": You will always afterwards want to revisit the polar region!

Naturfoto Svalbard. Liefdefjorden.
This image is shot from a zodiac in front of the glacier in Liefdefjorden July 16. 2008. It had been massively foggy all day, but the mist suddenly lifted, giving this beautiful sight.
IDs Mk III, 150 mm, f11, 1/250. ISO 200. Ref: F5R0257.

naturfoto fra Svalbard. Lilliehøøkbreen.
Lilliehøøk glacier, July 2000. The glaciers on Svalbard are very much in focus, related to global warming.

isbjørn svalbard
The polar bear is the main goal for a majority of photographers.
Not too easy to spot in the wilderness, but the yellow fur makes the task somewhat easier. This picture is from July 11. 2007. Ref: B8Y5701.

Naturbilder fra Svalbard. Isbjørn.
12 photographers stood on the alert, waiting for the polarbear to dive. Eventually he didn't. He turned around and claimed to the top of rock.H
inlopenstredet, Svalbard. July 2010.
1D Mk IV, 300/2,8, f7,1, 1/500, ISO 200. Ref: N8D0375.

Naturbilder fra Svalbard. Hvalross og isbjørn.
Walruses are not very scared of polar bears. From time to time a walrus cup is taken in more extreme circumstances.  Ref: N8D8188.

hvalross svalbard
The walrus sleeps easily all day long. Occasionally he turns around, and if you are really lucky, he waves you hello.
July 2008. Ref: B8Y7456.


hvalross, svalbard Friends meeting and having a good time in shallow water. From Forlandssundet on
July 27. 2009. Ref: F5R9944.

Walruses are enormous creatures. On shore they are rather clumsy and slow. Quite the opposite as soon they could dive into the sea.

Hvalross på isflak. Svalbard.
A lonely walrus enjoying his own little raft of ice. A flock of guillemots is passing by in the background. Our approaching ship "Origo" did not seem to disturb.
This image is from the summer 1999, scanned from Velvia film.
Ref: hvalross-isflak01-1996.

Bilder fra Svalbard. Naturfoto Monacobreen.
A huge block of ice just dropped into the sea from the Monaco glacier. A massive wave followed, bringing lots of arctic cods to the surface. Several thousands of kittiwakes lifted, ready to explore this gift from Nature.
Ref: isbre-krykkjer-02b-360. 2005.

storkobbe på svalbard
A bearded seal is a trustful creature. If you are sufficiently
patient in your approach, you can get as close as your
lens can tolerate. This picture is taken in Krossfjorden
on July 2008. Ref: B8Y6906.

Hvalross i snødrev. Svalbard.
Walruses in windy snowfall, far north, on Phippsøya on
September 13. 2009. Suddenly a polar bear showed up in the
poor sight, and there was a rush to get to the zodiacs in time.
Ref: M9D3334.

polarrev svalbard
An arctic fox pose for the photographer inside a decorative
sandstone. Bjørndalen, Svalbard on July 2008. Ref: F5R1706.

isbjørn Svalbard
A polar bear slog around in his world of ice and snow.
Suddenly he rested his head towards a block of ice, apparently felling asleep for a short while. I sold this picture to a bank to be printed in their annual report issued in Japan. The Japanese customers appreciated my polar bear so much I could sell the picture for the successive year as well.
Ref: bjornen-sover-320.

The mammals in Svalbard are
few in number of different species. The challenges for the photographer, however, are plentiful.

polarrev svalbard
A puppy of an arctic fox. The image is
shot in the middle of the night in
Ny Ålesund on July 2007.
Ref: D5J1044.

polarrev / fjellrev svalbard
An arctic fox on his effort to avoid wet fur.
July 2009. Ref: F5R1358.

Bilder fra svalbard. M/S Origo
M/S "Origo" on its way to Sjuøyene, northern Spitsbergen  11. September 2005. Lots of ice everywhere on the ship.
Ref: M9D2884.

isbjørn på svalbard
A cub hides behind his mother when she takes a breadth of outlook over their
territory of ice and open water. Perhaps
she is longing for the good old days when solid ice covered most of the sound?
From Hinlopenstredet on July 28. 2006.
Ref: R9094.

The reindeers of Svalbard are living in  extreme and harsh environments for most of the year. During the very short arctic summer, they get some relief, however. There is no time for laziness. Getting enough food to meet the upcoming winter is crucial in order to survive.
This picture is taken in Adventdalen in the summer of 1999.

Late summer the reindeers have regained their constitution drained in the previous wither. July 2006.
Ref: M9D2781.

Bell Sound, summer 1998. Two reindeers got entangled in the waist of a trawl net. A long and painful death for the two. An easy fix for the fisherman; just  throwing the rubbish over board in open sea.
Ref: 99-rein-i-not01.

isbjørn svalbard
Standing on deck of "Origo" I felt safe when overlooking this predator defending his prey. Summer 1999.
Ref: isbj7-7-99.

isbjørn svalbard
From a boat trip in July 2007.
Interesting smells!  -Is it bacon or sausages, or is it just the smell of excited photographers?
Ref: D8350.

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