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These Internet pages feature nature photographs with quite different topics and from various countries. Most of the images are shot digitally and after 2002.

The selection and order of photos shown are quite random. My intension is to publish some highlights or some images which show technical details of interest. Improvement could have been obtained by an alternative use of shutter speed, aperture, camera angle and so on.

You will find links to a selection of pages in the row above and the vertical column at the left hand side.

Maintaining a range of internet pages is very time consuming. Instead of duplicate pages in one Norwegian version and one English, I have chosen to make one set; dual lingual.

vinterrype Nordnorge
A short trip to Tromsø in the end of March 2012 resulted in some interesting images. This grouse was just in the beginning of changing his feather appearance  from winter to summer, starting with his neck. Ref: KG20177.

naturbilder fra Svalbard. Isbjørn.
Not strictly according to rules; the polar bear is on his way out of the picture instead of going into it. The reason for making this choice is the structure of the ice shelf in the background. Ref: M9D7283.

A photographer has something in common with a stamp collector: What is the meaning with it all if you cannot show your treasures to someone?

Natur&Foto fotokonkurranse, Nordic Photo Contest 2011 Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2011:
I was very pleased to see my photo on the front page of a book containing a wide range of the best photos shot by the best nature photographers in the Nordic countries. Ref: B8Y7456.

The magazine "Natur&Foto": "Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2011". I considered it a big honor to have my photo, showing an upside-down walrus, displayed on the front page of the book of the award-winners.

The jury obviously had a sense of humor!
The photo was awarded, but did not make it to the very top.

It has been many trips to Svalbard over the years. There is a rule often heard: If you have been there once, you will always feel an urge to come back.

This cute polar bear showed up in Hinlopenstredet on a cruise in July 2010. This was by far my best of my 12 boat trips in Svalbard since 1999. During the voyage of 10 days, we spotted all together 42 polar bears. The renown captain on the ship "Stockholm", Per Engwall from Göteborg, Sweden, plaid a decisive role in making this trip such a success!
See more images from Svalbard!

polar bear from Spitsbergen, Svalbard.
This polar bear gave no signs of stress nor disturbance, in spite of quite a lot of activities on deck by long lens equipped photographers. Ref: N8D1411.

øyenstikker Dragonfly in late evening backlight.
One pick among several thousand shots. Ref: R4326.

Taking a picture like this should prove rather costly when shooting film. We had a project in 2006, spending several days and shooting thousands of frames. We used Canon 1 D Mk III equipped by 300 f 2,8 and extension rings. After ending a session, it was easy to evaluate exposure and technical characteristics in order to improve the subsequent series. Accomplishing this in a time with no possible access to these advantages, should have been a very expensive business indeed!

The digital revolution in photo caused a booming in interest for nature photography. I converted from film relatively early after many years of supporting Kodak and Fuji. The digital equipment is very expensive - using it very much affordable.

isbjørn svalbard This is a scan from a Velvia film, shot from the ship "Origo" on Svalbard in 1999. The polar bear was walking in the drift ice. Suddenly he stopped, leaning his head heavily against an ice block for some seconds, apparently felling asleep.
A  Norwegian bank bought the picture to be used in a publication issued in Japan. The Japanese fancied the image so much I could sell it to be published a second time.

I have several thousands dias in my files. Some of them are scanned, but the technical quality compared to digital shots is quite noticeable.

elefant kilimanjaro kenya A picture worthwhile including in the collection. Ernest Hemingway made the title: "The snow of Kilimanjaro" immortal. (Short story collection, 1952).
The snow is presumably gone in some years from now, and such images will consequently become more interesting.
This picture is shot in Amboseli National Park in Kenya in 1991.

The collection includes quite a dominant part of bird pictures. Birds offer so many opportunities regarding trilling behaviors, colors, forms and expressions to mention some. A nature photographer appreciate this and make arrangements to take advantage.

Nature photo: Great grey owl
This picture of  a great grey owl was awarded "Gold picture" in the competition "Fotojakta" in the Norwegian magazine Villmarksliv i 2011.  It was taken in the northern part of  Finland  in March 2009.
Ref: D5J8086.

The great grey owl has a fascinating appearance. They are fairly slow and not to challenging for the photographer. The important thing is to include suitable environment, nice light conditions and the birds optimal behavior in the image.
The winter is a very harsh period of the year to creatures. No exception for these birds. Some Finnish nature photographers spotted this great grey owl and adapted it to catching dead mouse disposed on the snow beneath the resided tree. Such they were saving the owl from starvation. The project paid off - not only in terms of saving the bird, but in enabling established workshops for other nature photographers. I participated in one of these workshops, and I got a number of very interesting shots.

 Naturfoto: Elefantsel humor
A good and relaxing laughter prolongs your days of living. This rather solid creature - an elephant seal in the Antarctic - could reach a weight of 2-3000 kilograms.
It quite often pays off showing images of animals and birds expressing  recognizable, human behavior!  Ref: F5R8989.

naturfoto. caracara, fugler på Falkland
The caracara has no understanding when it comes to estimating the focus limit of the lens 300/f2,8.
From the Falklands on October 24. 2008. Ref: F5R6491.

naturfoto fugler, fiskeørn

An osprey threw itself into the water with a huge splash in order to catch its prey. If the fish targeted is a really big one, the scene appears to show a bird struggling to avoid drowning. I have heard several imaginative narratives dealing with ospreys vanishing into the deep, caused by a fish far too big to be catched.
This picture is shot in Finland in 2008. 1D Mk III, 300/2,8, f5,6, 1/2500, ISO 1000. Mk III, Ref: D5J6959.

naturfoto fjell, landskap Dørålen, Rondane
This is the classical "Postcard" of the Norwegian mountain scenario in ultimate autumn colors. It is shot in Dørålen, part of the Rondane national park, September 30th 2005.
All active nature photographers in Norway know this place in Dørålen; a little pond enabling the mirror image of the mountains combined with the optimal colors of autumn. It is, however, some important parameters necessary to get the scheme complete: The high mountains covered by snow, no wind (to provide mirror effect) and most of the colorful leaves still on the trees. Ref: R8S5375.

naturfoto, dyrene i Afrika, giraff
The national game reserves in Africa are something to be highly appreciated by nature lovers and photographers. A giraffe exposing his charming smile is quite irresistible. The photographer responds in appreciation and presses the button. Ref: B8Y9492.

dyrefotografering, naturfoto: Leopard, Sydafrika
A beautiful leopard keeps a vigilant eye on his territory from the observatory branch in a huge three. It is late evening and the final light strikes the head of the predator on alert.
Ref: F5R3632.

The pages show some highlights after having been on the move equipped with cameras and lenses for quite a while. Hopefully the structure and links make the navigation easy.

Initially I had the ambition in making  correspondent pages in Norwegian as well as in English.

I quite soon realized this was too ambitious, giving the conclusion expressed on many of may pages: Comments and text are mainly written in Norwegian.

My images are shot in Norway, in the Scandinavian countries and in other parts of the world. Some as a result of hours and hours in hides, some from boat trips in the Arctic and the Antarctic and some are simply shot through the window in my car on a narrow, unpaved road in the mountains.

nm i naturfoto 2011In 2011 I won the title  "Norgesmester i naturfoto" - the most important competition for nature photographers in Norway.

 norske naturfotografer (NN)

The association "Norske Naturfotografer"  has approx. 60 members, all invited in during the last 40 years. I submitted an application in 2012 and was unanimously approved..

Naturfoto av toppdykkere fra Østensjøvannet
Østensjøvannet is a lake situated inside the border of Oslo. It is renown of the abundant wildlife when it comes to birds. Most of them are well adapted to seeing humans, and thus you can operate your photo gear quite openly. If you are acting in slow motion and not too noisy, you are in no need of using very long lenses either.
The Great Crested Grebes are the favorite birds for many photographers. They act generously, have a plentiful repertoire in terms of behavior and give no signs of disconcert when performing intimate activities. Ref: KG20996.
naturbilde av orrfugl på spillplass
The Spring is the most intensive time of the year for a nature photographer. During some hectic weeks everything happens at the same time, like the magic performance of play and fighting by the black grouses, having a peak the last week of April. If you missed your good shots by then, you must be prepared to postpone your project until April the next year.
1D Mk IV, 300/2,8, f 4,5, 1/1250.
ISO 1000. Ref: N8D1209.

brown bear familyPictures like this are impossible to get when walking in the forest, with your camera hanging over your shoulder. The recipe is patience; a range of nights in a hide with a suitable quantity of bate outside. Ref: F5R7474.

Naturfoto; blåstrupe fra dovrefjell

Over the years it has been many
pictures from Dovrefjell - a mountain region in the middle of Norway. This beautiful blue throat was shot by my camera, just outside my cabin, near by the nature reserve Fokstumyra. Ref: B8Y1557.

silvery greebe falklandsøyene
I have never seen a glance this intense on any bird. The name is Silvery Greebe, spotted on the Falklands on November 2007. As often experienced on the Falklands, the weather was awful. The rain was so intense that bringing your camera gear outdoors was about the same as dipping it in a pond of fresh water. Canon 1D mark III, 500/4, f8, 1/800, ISO 1000. Ref: D5J7967.

naturfoto hønsehauk
An adult goshawk visit a puddle in order to drink lots of water after a very hot day in Hungary in June 2010.
ID Mk IV, 600/f4, f5/1/640. ISO 3200.
Ref: N8D1758.

pingviner i antarktis The vast and apparently desolated territories far north and south offer fantastic opportunities for a nature photographer.
The weather conditions, however, are most often hostile. Not so here on November 15. 2008 on Dancho Island in the Antarctic. The gentoo penguins are enjoying a mild and beautiful  day!
1 Ds Mk III, 60 mm, f9 1/500, 250 ISO.
Ref: F5R2784.

naturfoto kolibri
Hummingbird from Costa Rica. This image was awarded gold and the title "Picture of the month" in a the Norwegian magazine "Villmarksliv" in 2011.
Ref: B8Y5290.

foto egypt kulturminner
On several journeys there have been good opportunities to photograph cultural treasures.
Ref: egypt-1995-1015.
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cultural sites!

bilde fra burma / myanmar
Visiting foreign cultures and remote countries is very interesting indeed. We have visited Burma several times. This country has everything a photographer could ever think of!
Ref: burma-2000-01-039.
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foto frimerker norske skillingsmerker
Arranging international auctions in Oslo has been my profession since 1975. Philately is the major sector, but old postcards, coins and banknotes also play an important part.  Over the years I have handled collectors items of all kinds, colors and shapes. I have taken pictures by the thousands; single items, collections and montages.
Ref: M7747.

fuglefoto hærfugl, naturfotografering
Sometimes you may need a portrait in vertical format, like an image of this beautiful hoopoe shot in Hungary.
Ref:  N8D8211.

Naturfoto fuglebilder kongeørn
The picture of this magnificent golden eagle was shot from the renown hide of Ole Martin Dahle in Flatanger, Norway on March 6. 2007. The roe deer was not killed by birds of prey, but in a traffic accident some days prior to our trip.

The placement of the bite is vital for the picture; a nice head is by far more interesting than a swollen carcass.

The picture was chosen to cover the front page of a pamphlet promoting Biofoto - the main organization for nature photographers in Norway.
Ref: R4680.

I would like to show a lot more images when available time allows. Please revisit my pages to see if relevant changes are done.

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