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The Antarctic is the outermost wilderness and a real challenge for a photographer. It is not very easy to go there, but if you have suffered a long flight in a narrow plane and a rough trip by boat, you will face an adventure beyond expectations.

Click here to see some images from my trip to the Antarctic in 2014!

Many of the boat trips to the Antarctic include the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Shetland Islands on their way to the Antarctic peninsula. The main port is Ushuaia in Argentina. Some trips also start in Port Stanley, the main city in the Falkland Islands.

ushuaia argentina
The southernmost city on Earth: Ushuaia, Argentina. January 23. 2005. Ref: R8S5403.

Every summer the harbor in Ushuaia is filled up with vessels of all sizes. Most of them are going shuttle back and forth to the Antarctic territories filled up with tourists. The capacity varies from 30-40 up to several hundreds. Tourism is the major way of living in this community.

port stanley, falkland Port Stanley, The capital and only city in
The Falkland Islands.
November 3. 2007. Ref: B8Y8060.

Port Stanley is a quiet little town compare with Ushuaia, but charming indeed. To come here is not too easy. As relationship between Argentina and the UK still is complicated since the 1982 war, no flights are coming from neighboring Argentina. You must take the once a week scheduled flight from Santiago de Chile.

saunders island, falkland
The shores of the Falklands are always rough and windy. The black browed albatrosses are native and well adapted. The picture is from Saunders Island. The renown nature photographers place "the Neck" is on the upper right hand side. Ref: F5R6522.

Kongepingviner Syd Georgia
King penguins in snow blizzard, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia,
on November 7. 2008. Ref: F5R1226.

adelepingviner antarktis
Adele penguins. South Shetland Islands on November 16. 2007.
Ref: B8Y5408.

elefantseler, sydgeorgia
Elephant seals. Love affair in cold water.
November 9. 2007. Ref: B8Y1888.

gentoopingviner i antarktis
Gentoo penguins. South Shetland Islands.
November 2008. Ref: F5R3408.

isfjell i Antarktis
In November 2014 I was lucky to be on a new expedition to the Antarctica. Click here to see some of the pictures from this trip!

chinstrap elephant island
Chinstrap penguins on Elephant Island. November 13. 2007.
Ref: D5J3235.

m/s explorer. Ushuaia.
MS "Explorer" in Ushuaia January 9. 2005.  This renowned vessel caught headlines all over the world late 2007 as it hit a massive block of ice and sunk in the middle of the Antarctic seas on November 23. The world was watching this drama by the hours. All passengers and crew - more than 150 - escaped unhurt after some dramatic hours in zodiacs. Ref: M9D0270.

deception island, antarktis
Deception Island November 15. 2007:
"Til minne om Tømmermann Hans A. Gulliksen", (In memory of carpenter Hans A. Gulliksen) +17. 4. 1871 † 4. 1. 1928. One of the most remote graves
on Earth.
Approx. 45 whalers from a range of different nations were buried here in the beginning of last century. Except for a couple, all were washed away by the eruption on February 1969.
Ref: D5J3600.

ocean harbour, syd georgia
"Bayard" was wrecked in Ocean Harbour, South Georgia in 1911.
The fur seals have taken command since then. The picture is shot on January 17. 2005.
Ref: M9D1278.

weddelsel, antarktis
A weddel seal, November 15. 2008. Ref:  B8Y2355.

klippehopperpingvin i dusjen
A rockhopper penguin is taking a shower after a long day in the dirty colony. Saunders Island, The Falkland Islands,
October 24. 2008.
Ref: F5R6581.

professor multanovskiy i antarktis
The expedition vessel
"Professor Multanovskiy" in the Antarctic  November 2007.
Ref: B8Y3559.

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