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We arrange International  auctions in
Oslo 2 times a year.
The #87 auction catalogue.

Last auction, #87, took place in Oslo
on May 1.- and 2. 2015.

97% of all lots were sold, making up a total of NOK 9,2 mill.

List of prices realised (pdf).

The auction catalogues are available here:

The collections of Peer-Christian Ånensen.

The main catalogue of auction # 87.

Click here to check prices realised featuring images and descriptions.

Lot # 2186: Great Britain. A fine collection to 2002
in Leuchtturm album in three volumes.
Also an album Isle of Man.
Starting at NOK 35,000.
Realised NOK 110,000.

1 rubel 1741
Lot # 1206/87: 1 ruble Russia 1741
Ivan (1740-1741). 1/1+.
Starting at NOK 50,000.
Realised NOK 72,000.

samling Malaya
2206/87:A collection Malaya.
Starting at NOK 15,000.
Realised NOK 46,000.

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Previous auctions:
 auksjonskatalog frimerker og mynter
Our auction # 86 was held on
November 28th and 29th. 2014.

List of prices realised.

The auction catalogue is available here!

1 £ PUC
1 £ P.U.C. 1929. From a collection Great Britain, Lot # 1896/86. Starting at NOK 40,000.
Realised NOK 80,000.

Our auction in Oslo on
May 2.- and 3. 2014:

stamp auction catalogue

List of prices realised.
Click here to se some highlights, download the auction catalogue etc!

Recent auction:

On December 6.-7. 2013.
List of prices realised.

You are welcome to download the auction catalogue!

Our auctio # 83:
frimerkeauksjon, myntauksjon, postkortauksjon

Auction # 83 took place in Oslo on November 30. and December 1. 2012.

You are welcome to download the auction catalogue!

.. And the list for prices realised!

Our auction # 82 took place on
April 20.- and 21. 2012 in Oslo.
stamp auction catalogue
List of prices realised!

Click here to download the auction catalogue!

o/*/** From a collection Great Britain to 2001
in 2 albums. Starting at NOK 5,000.
Ref 7036/82. See some more items!

Some of the lots from our previous sale in Oslo on December 2. and 3. 2011:

rare stamps from south georgia
Lot #2268: 127/138. The 1933 issue complete on small pieces, all cancelled "South Georgia C 27 de 33". (S 7000).
Starting at NOK 15,000. Realised NOK 41,000.

amerikanske gullmynter på auksjon

Our auction # 80 took place in Plaza Hotel in Oslo on Friday April 15th and Saturday April 16th. 2011.
auksjonskatalog mynter, frimerker, gamle postkort

Click here to download the auction catalogue # 80!
The list of prices realised is here!

frimerkeauksjonskatalog 79

Our auction # 79 took place on December 3./4. 2010.

You can download the auction catalogue!

The list of prices realised!

See some more of the items!

stamp auction catalogue # 75 This is the front of the auction catalogue for our 75. sale in Oslo on November 28. and 29. 2008. It was a great success indeed.
Check out the list of prices realised!

3 weeks prior to an auction we issue a hardcopy of an auction catalogue, featuring 150-180 pages in full colour. At the same time we publish the catalogue on the Internet in a pdf-version.
If you have given us your e-mail-address, you will be informed when due time for the next catalogue.

Cover from Holland to Norway
One item from our international stamp auction # 76:
A beautiful cover sent from Holland to Norway in 1865.
Starting at NOK 8,000. Realised NOK 41,000.

old cover sent to norway
Lot # 2183, Auction 77 on November 21. 2009.
Starting at NOK 10,000. Realised NOK 26,000.

If you are not sure we already have your last updated address,
please submit an E-mail.

We have many  vendors as well as regular buyers "all over the world", and many take the trip to Norway and Oslo to participate in our auctions. If you have a valuable collection or some scarce single items, we suggest you should present them to our international buyers. Some of the most eager auction bidders are Norwegians, and Norway is considered one of the strongest markets for stamps in the world - with no government tax on stamps.

More information concerning consignment is to be found here!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about
payment / fund transfer.

Our customer file.  

We have systematically built our customer file since 1975, many years before computers were commercially used by other companies in stamp business. As a result, our file today counts approx. 24.500 addresses, carefully registered and not collected from easily accessible sources like files for sale from companies closed down.
We appreciate your assistance to maintain our file. Please check that catalogues you receive from us have your complete and correct address, and even more important; give us a message when you are changing postal- or email-address!

From a collection Cape of Good Hope triangulars to 1861. Auction # 84, lot 2246.
Starting at NOK 150,000.
Realised NOK 220,000.

Although Norwegian philately has its dominant part of the content in an auction, there is always a range of good offers of collections and single items from a range of countries as well. Please check out our web-pages dealing with actions from previous years to get an idea of what to expect for the next one. Coins, bank notes and postcards are also important parts of the sale!

Sold on December 6. 2013:
Lot #
4 mark 1686. (NM 81). 1 +.
Realised NOK 135,000.

December 2./3. 2011 in Oslo:
international stamp auction in Oslo
Download the auction catalogue!

List of prices realised!

Visit our Gallery for auction
# 81, featuring enlarged images combined with descriptions, starting prices and prices realised! The gallery is divided into sections according to those in the auction catalogue.


Are you thinking of selling?
- We invite you to sell your collections and single items in of the strongest markets in the world!

Some items sold at auction # 80:


We invite you to our gallery featuring enlarged images of most of the lots, combined with descriptions, starting prices and prices realised.

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